An easy way to create attractive short videos for your social media account

You watch so many videos on the social media platform every day. Some of them are interesting and some of them are not. Also, you want to share the videos which are interesting and can engage the viewers through your account. But then you will have to think about the ideas through which you can make good videos which are interesting for your audience. Recently, the e use of Facebook lives each day has been increased. Similarly, the use of the videos on Instagram has also been increased by 80 percent.

For making the videos more engaging, these platforms recommend the users to make the videos shorter. They recommend the videos of 15 seconds. It is easy to make short video but then this will get difficult for the video makers to cover up each and everything a short video of 15 seconds only. They will have to decide the content and where to start the video. To resolve this problem all you need is to follow some easy steps and tips that make these short videos more interesting for the audience as well as easy for you to edit and share them.

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Step 1: Think of the good ideas

In the first step, all you need is to have some good ideas for your videos special for Instagram. You will have to think about the latest happenings and viral topics which can be liked by the Instagram followers. You should have plenty of ideas for making the social media videos. You should never run out of the ideas for these videos. If one idea gets flop, you must have some backup plan for the video you want to share on your social media account.

Step 2: Start Planning

After having some good ideas, you will have to start planning. In this planning step, you will basically think about the content over those topics and ideas you have think of. The content of the video must be engaging and interesting for the audience. Create a storyboard or write the script for your video.

Step 3: Record the video

After finding the best content over the topic of the video you are making and writing the script, now it is time to record the short video. Make sure that the quality of the video, lighting and sound should be perfect, and you have used these tools perfectly while recording the video.

Step 4: Editing

This step is the most crucial step in making the short video. In this step you will have to edit and remove the parts that are not suitable for the video or making it boring. Also, if there is any problem in the recording of the video, you can fix it in this step.

Step 5: Share the video

After the editing of the video, now you are ready to share it with your audience on your social media account. There are some tools that can be used to share your videos on each social media platform from one place. You can use such tools to save your time and share the videos on every social media site simultaneously.

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