Instagram adapting the Augmented Reality Features


Augmented Reality is one of top features in the world right now. Many top tech companies are implementing this feature into their system. Apple has launched the Augmented Reality into their camera which looks really good. Just like Apple, Facebook is also going for Augmented Reality features. Facebook is giving Instagram the access for the AR features into the camera. As Instagram is the top picture sharing application in the world so adapting this amazing feature will be a good option for the company. Users will surely enjoy this feature.

The augmented reality feature will help to improve the marketing campaigns on the Instagram platform. It will create better interaction for the all the users that are going to advertise their brands and businesses and the users who will act as product consumers. Facebook has already launched its beta version of the Augmented Reality feature in the Instagram. This feature will be only accessible to some of top media influencers of the United States of America. This beta version will be used as a testing version before deploying the main version. Due to this many marketers are looking forward to this feature which will allow their marketing productivity to improve.

All these camera effects that will be introduced by Facebook will be the part of the company that is owned by Facebook, name of the platform is Spark AR. This platform is specifically designated for augmented reality. This platform is working on these features to carry out new way of marketing and advertising. Facebook is not just these features to enhance the users’ experience for advertising and marketing. They have been busy with artificial intelligence too. Making their system to act fully on the artificial intelligence will make their e-commerce system improved in a variety of ways. Simple tasks that have to be done manually by the users will now be handled by Facebook.

The mixture of the top trending features in the world will surely create Facebook as the leading social media platform in the world, if they pull out the features effectively. The top priority is the user experience. How well the users are adapted to this new system will be the number one question when all these features will be launched for the public. These features can be brand specific too, making the brand’s marketing campaign more strong, effective and attractive. As they are testing the beta version with the top media influencers which will make them to act on their requirements that what type of effects does the media influencer wants for his or her brand. Working with them will surely create an insight in the whole Spark AR platform before launching the whole product to the public.

All these features will be launched into your applications at the end of this year or the next. So there is less time left to experience these amazing features which can change the e-commerce game in terms of marketing, advertising and shopping.

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