Diseases that can be treated by cord blood

Cord blood has become famous for being able to treat multiple diseases, especially the ones related to blood and immune system. There are multiple therapies with cord blood that are performed by doctors in these days. One of the methods is to inject the stem cells in the bloodstream of the patient. It will ultimately go and heal the body of the patient. The disease you are going to treat by using these valuable cells vary from situation to situation, but the diseases which are normally cured through stem cell are as follows.

Cure of cancer

This is the main achievement. The chemotherapy procedure which was really difficult because of the hassle of finding the exact match of the donor is removed due to this. The match of cord blood is very easy to find because the cells are still immature and do not react. Some of the parents have severe symptoms and drawbacks of cancer, these include loss of a lot of blood, pain, weight loss and fatigue. To overcome all these issues, healthy blood and repair of tissues is the primary thing to achieve. Stem cells prove helpful in the repair of blood tissues. Leukemia is the common disease which is treated effectively by the use of cord blood and producing effective results.

Disorders of immune system

The immune system is basic building block and structure of a human body if this system is not working properly then the person will no longer be able to survive. You can ensure that the problem is present in your immune system when you feel constant fever and fatigue. You suffer from different types of syndromes when you have immune system disorder. These syndromes can be Evans syndrome, fucosidosis, IKK gamma deficiency, immune dysregulation syndrome and much more. You just have to see the right cure for these diseases.

Disorders of metabolism

When the patient has a problem with the metabolism due to the weak system of the body, he can be treated effectively through the use of cord blood. The syndromes of multiple kinds especially Krabbe disease and Hurler syndrome have shown great success rate when treated with stem cells. These are really dangerous diseases which damage your whole metabolism system and make you suffer in many forms.

Blood disorders

In the case of blood disorders, anemia is most common. This disease is treated widely by the use of cord blood. The disease is basically related to the issues of immune system and blood, so the stem cells help in the repair of the blood cells which leads to ultimate health of the concerned patient. In this disease the common symptoms and side effects are excess of bleeding, swelling in the body, an imbalance in the structure of cells and all these things lead you towards death. You have to be really cautious when dealing with this type of disease.

For the cure of all these diseases, therapies with cord blood are becoming common. The reason is the effectiveness and positive result rates. Over the period of time, it is becoming a successful procedure because finding a match is not a difficult task in this process.

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